Máquina para fabricar zip bolsas

Máquina para fabricar zip bolsas

Function and characteristics 1, This machine adopts photoelectric tracing, computer control, f

requency conversion speed adjusting, and automatic temperature control,

with the features of operating easily and sealing firmly. It is only used to seal and cut high pressure

PE self-sealing bags. It is an advanced bag making machine.   MAIN PARAMETERS


Model KD-500 KD-600
 Material LDPE LDPE
Capacity 30~60(Cycle/min) 60~130(Cycle/min)
Cutting width 80~450mm 100~600mm
Cutting length 100~300mm 130~450mm
Thickness of film 0.03~0.15mm 0.03~0.15mm
Film annulus diameter φ550×500mm φ550×600mm
Heater 1.8kw 2kw
Cooling 0.37kw 0.37kw
Power 3kw 3.5kw
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)) 3000×1200×1600mm 3500×1300×1600mm